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General terms

General terms of cooperation govern the relations between the users and the travel escort Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, Dunajska 106, 1000 Ljubljana, and form an integral part of the contract. When the contract is signed the buyer/user is acquainted with the general terms and conditions with which they irrevocably agree.


The user is a person who has made a valid reservation or a purchase of the service provided by Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, and to whom general terms of cooperation apply.


The user logs in via email. The reservation is confirmed and additional instructions are sent. The payment is made in cash before the departure. In some cases the payment is made on account upon receiving an estimate. Prices in leaflets can be informational. Valid price list is published on the internet.


Minimum number of participants: 2

Extra charge for one person: 30%


The user agrees that the data he submits electronically are used within the legal regulations and the restrictions of the laws of data protection.


If after signing the contract and making the payment the user refuses the service, the costs are not refunded.

The user join the club of the institute of Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana with no obligation.


The user joins the tour at their own responsibility.

We reserve the right to changing the tour in accordance with realistic possibilities without impairing its content. Although mileage and timing estimates are given, they can be merely an estimate of actual conditions. The travel escort can change the planned tour, if the user agrees, due to user safety or in the event of force majeure. In accordance with existing circumstances a modified version of the service can be offered.


The services included in the price are escort services on the ride to a destination and back, as well as the rental of the basic means of transport and protection. Any special services are paid for additionally.


Since the programmes can be physically straining, it is the user’s personal responsibility to consult their physician before the tour. The users with health issues and pregnant women are to consult their physician before the tour. The user is responsible for their medical condition during and after the tour.


The users conclude all the necessary health and other insurances before the departure.

All the road traffic regulations in force in Slovenia must be adhered to. The user is fully as well as materially responsible for any damage they cause to other persons or objects. If the user does not follow their liabilities and all the regulations on the tour, they are responsible for all the damage caused to possible injured parties and to Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, Dunajska 106, 1000 Ljubljana. On the tour alcohol intoxication is not allowed.


For the duration of the tour the users are expected to behave appropriately, respect other road users and service users, use appropriate clothing, and adequately ascertain their physical and medical capabilities for a given tour.


Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, reserves the right to cancel the continuation of the tour to persons who cause discomfort to other service users, act inappropriately and indecently, distract or destroy the means of transport, are under the influence of alcohol or other substances. In such an event the user is not entitled to a refund, and cannot demand a refund for the expenses his conduct has produced.


Participants younger than 18 years of age can only sign up for the tour under parental escort.

Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, can act as an informer, passing information from other organisers and service providers, but shall not be held responsible for the quality or credibility of the information.



The user may at any time withdraw from the contract. In that event all the expenses are born by the user. The purchase price is neither partially nor fully refunded.

Any complaints are accepted strictly on the spot.



Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, Dunajska 106, 1000 Ljubljana. reserves the right to publish the photographs of participants made during the tour for promotional purposes.



Zavod semTERtja Ljubljana, must offer immediate assistance to a participant who is in difficulties due to an unforeseeable malfunction or in the event of force majeure.



The District Court of Ljubljana shall have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any dispute arising between the parties.


Ljubljana, 16. junij 2015




From the begining we felt like we were in excelent hands.
Your country is truly beautiful and seeing it through your eyes has made it even more special. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Peter, London


The trip was just awesome. You are a fabulous companion.

Jeff, US


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