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Slovenia has got a wonderful landscape and mountains. 


Hikes is like a step into a fairy tale.


Most popular hike near Ljubljana is Krim - 1107 meters high mountain in the southern outskirts of Ljubljana Marshes. From top is lovely view of the Ljubljana Marshes, Karavanke, Kamnik Alps and on the part of the Julian Alps.


Day hikes in Julian Alps and Karawanks or visit Triglav National Park with seven lakes.


Beauty can be seen with every step, Mother's Nature work of art in our favorite gallery.


Walking and hiking tours are arranged of different difficulty levels, from 3 to 6 hours + stops + transport.


Schedule: every day, should be booked in advance

For more information contact us.

Prices: 45€ - 98€


Number of participants: 2, extra charge for one person: 30%

Book now, pay later.


Option: expanded program.




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