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Ljubljansko Barje Nature park


Mileage and timing: up to 50 km, 3 hours + stops


We start with a walk through the Ljubljana Botanical Garden and preparation for the ride.


Beautiful trails through the Ljubljana Marshes lead mainly through flat terrain. This is one of the least demanding cycling tours, provided there is no strong wind.


The Park covers Slovenia's largest complex of wet grasslands with hedges and forests, shrubs and watercourses. The area is well-known for its rich biodiversity, which is the result of specific cultivation practices (extensively-mowed meadows).

 More information about Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park. At the end of the tour there is a delightful gorge of the river Iška or Jezero Lake.


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Schedule: every day at 17.00

Extra tours can be scheduled, should be booked up to a day in advance

Price: 35€


Number of participants: 2, extra charge for one person: 30%

Book now, pay later.


Option: expanded program with traditional Slovenian brunch

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