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Kurešček pilgrimage: Queen of Peace

Zapotok and Kurešček cycling tour

Mileage and timing: up to 60 km, 4 to 5 hours + stops


We start with a walk through the Ljubljana Botanical Garden and preparation for the ride.


Ascents of different altitudes take us over the Ljubljana Marshes past Turjak and Četež to Zapotok and Kurešček.


The history of the church on Kurešček is shrouded in darkness of distant centuries. The first traces date back to the turbulent times of Turkish invasions. Even the local name tells us, that they were burning pyre as a warning that turks are coming.


The trail is partly unpaved, and in some parts ascents are demanding. Different difficulty levels are possible. It is appropriate for expirienced cyclists.

Total vertical climb: 550hm

see also Challenge Tour



Schedule: every day prior the agreement; should be booked up to a day in advance.

Price: 55€


Number of participants: 2, extra charge for one person: 30%

Book now, pay later.


Option: expanded program with traditional Slovenian brunch


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